Training courses

We offer professional JOB SAFETY , FIRE PREVENTION and a QUALIFIED SECURITY GUARD training courses. The target courses were prepared for our future employees. Each training is documented and a person is certified. We also care that through the employment our workers stay up to date with the current licenses and trends. Additional trainings that we offer raise the level of our employees professions. Our training courses are designed for each worker individually according to the job description and its location.


We are the company that recrute and train our future workers to work in advanced, armed SUFO security teams.

The trainings are conducted by a qualified training crew, which affects as great examination results.

Each training lasts for 2 months which is 245 hours and includes 145 hours of theory and 100 hours of practice training (self defense, intervention techniques, gun shooting).

Services :

  • personal security,

  • objects security,

  • escort security,

  • event security,

  • terrorism prevention,

  • basics of psychology.

Requirements :

  • 21 years old,

  • secondary school education,

  • proof of payment,

  • clear criminal record.

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