Current ethics and rules

  • We work in a professional enviroment, trade ideas and gained knowledge, promote professional behavior, self respect and the respect of ethics code in the company also in a relation with our employees and contractors..

  • Our customers look for services done the professional way. We do all our best by our apperance and the professional way we work to prove our refferences.

  • We care about a self respect and trust inside the company we run. We build long time relationship with our customers by observations of their needs, that way we can offer right services for each customer.

  • We realize that our image and the way we look and behave has a meaning about our image and a current company feedback.

  • Inside the company we communicate in a professional, clear, honest way. In addition we keep the internal customers cases secured, ruled by speciffic regulations, our staff is always loyal.

  • We work together and help each other to build the professional image of our company. We always trade our experience and knowledge between the team workers of our company.

  • We always do ur best to get to know our contractors, so we are always available and open for any suggestions.

  • When doing our job we are always trying to be cheerful and calm. We never raise the amount of stress, actually we try to do everything to reduce it.

  • We realize that , by working for Skarem company we are a part of it, and we all work for a proper image of the company.

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