Safety wear supplies

The Skarem company is one of the best safety wear products suplier since 1994 We offer great products from well known distributors to make customers feel comfortable by fulfilling their needs.

Products :

  • Protective wear

  • Protective shoes

  • Protective gloves

  • Fire safety accessories

  • Air passages protectors

  • Head protectors

  • Eyewear

  • Ears protectors

  • Body protectors

The safety wear and accessories are specially chosen for our customers. We offer exact size and dimension adjustment. It will make your safety wear fit nicely, which will extend your safety and protection at work.

SInce the company exist we goal to be as most professional as possible. That is why we offer wide supply services of safety wear and protection products in the whole country. You can order online or by phone, items will be delivered or you can always pick them up yourself at one of our location.

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